Welcome to our warm, friendly & fun yoga community! $25 New Student Week - 7 consecutive days of unlimited yoga! Yin classes suspended November 22 - December 13 while Mitch is in China competing at the International Yoga Championships. Yin will return Thursday, December 20th @ 6pm. OPEN Thanksgiving Day 8:15am, 90 minute class!!

Our Kind of Yoga

26&2 Hot Yoga

26&2 Hot Yoga is a systematic yoga prescription created to balance & rehabilitate the entire body. Our practice regularly works every muscle, tendon, ligament, cell, organ & gland in your body. Classes are held in a well-lit mirrored room, like a dance studio or martial arts dojo. Our expert instructors will support you through your practice. Bring a mat, full sized towel & water. Or if you prefer, you can rent from us. Give it a try. Your body won't regret it! This Yoga is suitable for all beginners, no matter age, strength or flexibility. Be warned this yoga has been known to be profoundly life changing and positive habit forming. We hope to meet you soon to share this incredible form of yoga with you.


90min 26&2

*************** 8:15a Tue, Sat, Sun ***************** 6p Mon, Tue, Wed

60min 26&2

8:15a Thur

Yin Yoga

6p Thursdays. The other side of the yoga coin. The shady side of the mountain. Slow, calm, deep holding. A beautiful foil to your 26&2 yoga practice. (60min Not hot)



  • 1 class drop-in $15
  • 4 classes/month $55*
  • 8 classes/month $85*
  • *Monthly Auto-credit: Discounted


  • 30 days $125*
  • 90 days $285*
  • 1 year $1,000
  • *Auto-credit: Discounted


  • Private Lesson $55/hour
  • Massage: $75/hour
  • Work Study: Ask for details
  • Hold auto-credit: Ask for details

*Monthly auto-credit commitment includes mat storage. You may temporarily hold your auto-credit commitment for a small fee.

If the price of yoga becomes an issue, please speak with us before limiting your practice. We will work with you to ensure that you are able to receive the yoga you need at a price you can afford. Prices subject to change without notice.